Sunday, 21 December 2014

Grateful Heart

Gradually we approach the end of this amazing year 2014 and if you are like me, when you look back, you can recount so many reasons why you should be grateful to God. We may not have achieved all that we set out to achieve this year, but we are by no means anywhere near where we started at the beginning of the year.

First, there is the gift of life. That I am able to sit in front of this laptop and type without any aid or support is a unique testimony of its own.

In this year 2014 by divine arrangement, I walked into purpose and began to pastor the most amazing set of human beings anyone can find on the surface of the earth. I don’t see them as congregation; I call them family because that’s what Treasure Place is to me. It’s been 7 months of resounding testimonies and increased grace as God has kept ALL His promises to us as individuals and a church.

In this same year, I embarked on projects that seemed larger than life and I look back from where I am now and can’t even explain how we were able to complete each of those projects.

In this same year, my mum clocked 50 though she still looks 35 lol. God has been good to me and my family, He has shown up for us when we least expected Him to. He has been our strong tower, our shield, our buckler, our friend and indeed our Father. I am a living witness to the fact that God is indeed the father of the fatherless and the husband to the widow because He has indeed carried all our burdens.

I can go on and on about the things that God has done for me this year, all the sheets on this word document might not be enough to capture them all. But I felt a need to help someone recount all that God has done for them this year and find a reason to lift up their voices to the heavens in thanksgiving.
I cannot close out on this write up without mentioning the greatest of all the testimonies this year. In this year 2014, I got married to the most amazing woman on the surface of the earth. Words are never enough every time I try to describe her and if you know me well, that’s a rarity but Sunmi does that to me, she leaves me speechless ALWAYS. I can only but thank God for the gift of an amazing wife, a virtuous woman and most especially, my friend. And by virtue of this union, I have embraced a new family, outstanding in-laws. They are the best in-laws anyone could have asked for walai.
It has been a fruitful/productive year with a lot of high points. That doesn’t mean that the year didn’t come with its challenges. What life would it have been without the usual bumps on the way? However, despite the daunting challenges, God saw us through it all.
This is me saying; Father, I am grateful for all you have done, all you are doing and for all You will yet to. I do not take your tender mercies and your loving kindness for granted. I love you with all my heart, with all I have and with all that is within me. I will forever serve You and these are the declarations of my heart via my mouth (or my fingers as it where).

Is there anything you are grateful to God for this year? Why don’t you take a few minutes and let Him know how grateful you are of all that He has done.

I remain @IamOluwaObinna and I am committed to your Peak Performance.


Sunday, 30 November 2014


If you are like me, Sunday is the most busy and productive day of the week and is usually packed full, with every meeting almost as important as the other and attendance mandatory. So I took out what I thought was going to be a few minutes from my very tight Sunday schedule to pick up my permanent voters card, all I can say is thank God for favour.

The first group of people I approached to enquire about what the process was, all had a look of agitation and pent up anger on their faces, so I threaded carefully as I approached them. “this thing is not rocket science” one of them kept repeating, “for crying out loud, I have been here since 11.30 and this people are making it seem like there is no better way to handle this voters card ****”.

In situations like this, I have learnt to step back, observe and respond only when comments are passed my way. But as I stood there and a few minutes turned into a couple of hours, I began to feel the frustration of the crowd, anger began to well up within me… I pause for a second and thought about it again, this nonsense is happening because people like you and I have refused to take responsibility for our governance and wellbeing. We have abdicated power to old greedy men that should be in retirement homes waiting for their great grand-children to come visiting and the few young ones that have been privileged to walk that corridor of power, have been blinded by the corruption of office and like he-cocks in pursuit of a hen, have lost all sense of direction and common sense with focus on only one thing; grab, grab and grab some more before the oil dries up.

I have a few questions:

1.      Why did it take FOUR years for a voter’s card that I registered for to be produced?

2.      After the eventual production of the card, why did INEC have to cut it so close to election-day to “eventually” share the voter’s card?

3.      The passport photograph that is being collected from people who registered for a card FOUR years ago, whose faces also appear on the permanent card, who have come in person to pick up their cards, what is it going to be used for?

4.      If you tell me it is for record purposes as I assume some of you might be thinking, what happened to the biometrics data that was obtained from me FOUR years ago? Or is that one history now?

5.      Why were those INEC officials taking records on sheets of paper in this 21st century? Isn’t there a database with the information of everyone that registered for this exercise FOUR years ago that the officials could refer to online and verify the details of citizens?

6.      What stops us from doing like an online pre-verification exercise and make the collection process a walk-in exercise?

Okay, let me stop ranting and let’s talk solutions.

I think it is time we start taking actions, we need credible leaders, that fact is no longer up for debate. And like someone clearly pointed out yesterday, I don’t know how many of you reading this right now that know the name of their constituency councilor. Posters are already flying around of people we do not have a clue what their credibility is, some of these contestants don’t have a track record from anywhere be it private or public enterprise but their pictures keep popping up every other four years. We need to hold someone accountable for their words and take responsibility of following through to ensure that they meet their obligation to the populace.

I have decided that I will start with my constituency(I don't even have a clue yet which constituency I belong to lol, but I will find out), then move on to my local government. I will find out what the four year agenda of the contestants are, listen to their manifestos, make my choice and VOTE. After the elections, I will also follow up to ensure that the person in office (whether or not he/she is the individual I voted for) will keep to the dictates of his/her manifesto. We will use all legal means possible to follow through on our demands; it is high time we hold our office holders responsible for their actions.

You will hear more from me on this matter, trust me on that. But I implore you to take responsibility of the welfare of this nation, if not for yourself, for the sake of generation after you. Let us all go out and vote come 2015, and make our votes count.

I remain @IamOluwaObinna, I am committed to your Peak Performance.

Sunday, 2 November 2014


It’s been a long while I posted a blog on this page and I sincerely apologize for that. between my last post and now, the “She” that I referred to in a few of my previous posts has become my wife *smiley* and God has given us the great task of leading an amazing set of people in Treasure Place. I can indeed say that out of the race of a group of believers, God has raised a group of men and women that the world will get to meet in no too distant a time. Needless to say that God has indeed been faithful.

As a preacher, I have over time, found out that it is easier to preach the word to others than to practice the contents of what we preach. I have had cause to counsel so many people on various life issues and when I find myself in that same place, I tend to forget the words from scriptures that I so easily shared with others.

This last week was one of the worst weeks I have had to endure in a very long time, a lot happened that had me angry and frustrated and just when I was about to lash out, a calm voice said ‘healer, heal thyself’.

That was what I needed to reset my brain. I began to drill down to the root cause of the anger and ask myself salient questions like; why are you angry? Is this anger directed at a person or a situation? What does scripture say about anger? How have you complied with what scripture says about anger? Based on the things you have told people in this situation before, how can you rate your response now compared to their response? Is there anything you can do to remedy the situation? When are you going to take action?

The moment I completed this self-evaluation, and began to take actions, it was like a burden lifted off my shoulders.

When scripture says that laughter does good like medicine, I can completely relate with that. I wear a smile all the time, it is not necessarily because all is well at all times, no. I smile because though all may not be well, the enemy is expecting me to wear a frown and it tickles me to know that my smile frustrates him.

Some events occur in our lives and we respond in certain ways to those events. Though we are Christians, it is understandable that we are first humans and most times our tendency is to respond to incidents in our human nature. However, the ultimate response to life’s events will be the “Christ-like” response and this requires some conscious effort on our own part as believers.

Decide today to respond to every matter in a way that is befitting a child of God. Like the popular saying goes, you can always ask yourself before responding to any matter; “What would Jesus do?” and if you are not so sure what Jesus would do or in doubt how He would have reacted, you can always tow my Pastor’s line and ask from scriptures; “What did Jesus Say?”

It’s a new month that the Lord has made that we should rejoice and be glad in it, do have a great week ahead.

@IamOluwaObinna and I am committed to your Peak Performance

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Good Morning my sweet friends and family, trust you all have been doing very well since the last time we interacted on this platform. I know it’s been a while and I apologize for the long silence, life has been happening lol.

Talking about life, I read something this morning that inspired me to write this.

I was driving to work this morning and for some reason I just began to thank God out loud for everything. For my family, my friends, colleagues, job, ministry, my FiancĂ©e (soon to be wife #winks) for everything especially my family. Most of you don’t know this, but I lost my dad a little over 5 years ago and truth is, I am a witness to the fact that God is the Father of the fatherless and a Husband to the widow. My dad was one of those super dads that made sure you lacked nothing as in nothing. We had the best of everything life could offer and he ensured that that remained the standard despite the fact that he had to on so many occasions, go without some basics that was obvious to us that he needed. He was a super dad like that. There were the once in a while ups and down that is synonymous with life, but on a scale of 1 to 10, I had a 9.7 childhood, leaving the 0.3 for all the spanking that is forever engraved in my mind lol.

It got me thinking about those not so great times growing up, and how we would be at home with nothing to eat except pap and buns and someone would walk in with their problems and pour everything out on my dad expecting that they have come to the one man that could solve the problems of all his extended family members. I would scuff in my mind and walk away. But somehow, after he is done with them, they are all smiles and might even join in on the almost nothing that we had (that was very annoying, don’t know how my mum copped #I’mnotwicked #justsaying lol).

We read about the successes of people on the pages of newspapers, we see their glam pictures on glossy magazines and this leaves us wanting and desiring to be successful (which is a very good thing). When we get to church, the bombardment continues. Everyone or almost everyone looks so prim & proper, the car parks are a sight to behold, everything and everyone literarily glitters and you are left amazed. There is barely any channel of the television that you flip to that doesn’t throw glamorous, well photo-shopped & packaged people at us, but what those well groomed folks in church, pictures, magazines and channels don’t show us is the low moments that these people go through.

Let me ask you this question; does it ever cross your mind that everyone, I mean everybody has their low times?

We may not come out to broadcast it to the entire world, but everyone does have their low times. What do you think leads people to indulge in vices like drug abuse, domestic violence etc?

So as I thanked God this morning, it hit me real hard that I am not where I am today because I am the most priviledged or most endowed person. I have had my fair share of hardships and lives issues. My mum, my siblings and I have been through experiences that most families may not have been able to withstand and I have realized that it is only the grace and mercies of God that has brought us through it all.

We are where we are today, I am where I am today because I have God by my side in my ship with me all the way on this journey. Jesus said “I will never leave nor forsake you” and He sure has kept that promise to me and my family.

So I will like to ask you a simple, life changing question; Do you have Jesus as the captain of your ship? Have you made Him the Lord and Master of your life?

If you have, I want to congratulate you and encourage you to hold steadfastly to Him, He has never disappointed anyone that I know, He is not about to start with you.

If you haven’t, I would like you to take a step of faith today and invite Jesus into your life as your Lord and personal Saviour. Just say this short prayer with me; Lord Jesus, I come to you this day accepting that I am a sinner and that you died on the cross for me. I confess my sins to you and invite you into my heart today asking that you be the Lord and Master of my life. Thank you for accepting me Lord, in Jesus’ mighty name I pray, Amen!

I want to congratulate you for taking this step and I know your life will never remain the same. Kindly seek a bible believing church near you and actively participate in the church’s activities.

You can also follow me on twitter @IamOluwaObinna.

I am committed to your Peak Performance.

Have a Blessed day.

Monday, 2 June 2014


A few days ago, I experienced a rush of emotions that was alien to me. Thinking about it now, I know what the root cause was, but I also think that I could have handled it better. Anyways, I learnt my lessons and I want to share that with you.

We are emotional beings and that means that once in a while, emotions kick in and we behave or respond in a manner that is not consistent with our character. I learnt this week that it is very important that you have a good grip of your emotions and don’t let them control you.

I have been very stressed for a few weeks now jostling a lot of things together at once and just when I thought I had everything under control, all hell broke loose and things went south all at once. Inside, I was a mess but outside, I maintained a calm exterior while trying to resolve the many issues that were arising almost on a per minute basis each of them requiring urgent attention.

I picked Madam up after work this faithful day to attend our counseling session which has been running every week for a while now, and I can’t remember for sure what triggered it, but I just sunk into a mood which gradually drained the smile from me and made me suddenly angry. Madam noticed and was trying to draw me out of it and instead of taking the outlet she was offering me, I allowed myself sink deeper into the bad mood. As if in response, my car started to misbehave in the middle of the road and that triggered more anger because the car just returned from servicing and should be in a great condition (I think that’s why we spend so much to service them so that they would serve us better right?) well, that wasn’t the case for me.

I was to host an online service on Twitter, and we had agreed that when it was time, Madam would drive so that I could tweet. She took the wheels and just at that very moment, my network provider that claims to be everywhere you go decided to depart from my car and my tweets weren’t going through. All that could go wrong was going wrong at the same time and somehow I knew I had the power to stop it all but I just couldn’t get myself to snap out of it.

I still can’t explain how Kamsi had the patience to just keep turning the ignition each time the car went off which was like every other minute and she just carried on as if it wasn’t a big deal. Bottom line, I was very vexed but also, I knew that my anger wasn’t towards any of the petty things that were going on; it was more deep seated than that so I just kept quiet and tried to blank out.

We got to my Pastor’s place, and while we were waiting, I heard that Still Small voice say to me; “Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”.

That was exactly what I needed cos I realized that I had been so pre-occupied trying to figure out how to resolve all the issues ahead of me and in front of me that I forgot to be grateful for ALL He has done and there I was making effort on my own, exerting energy, forming super-man when all I needed to do was go to Him in with all my worries.

Are you in that spot where nothing seems to be working? You don’t have a clue where your next help will come from? Are businesses that were doing exceptionally well all of a sudden disintegrating right before your eyes? The relationship that was rock solid, all of a sudden isn’t working out? I want to assure you that there is hope.

 I don’t know what the issue may be that has gotten you so down trodden and heavy hearted. Sleepless nights may have become a norm for you and maybe it has even made your blood pressure to shoot up, I have good news for you, Christ is calling you today to lay it all down at His feet and draw near unto Him. Believe in Him and trust Him enough to come through for you. My God will come through for you if you believe.

It may not make logical sense and trust me, most times it doesn’t. but all God is asking of you is to trust Him enough to hand over your worries to Him.

The moment I calmed down, handed everything over to Him in prayer and apologized to Madam, as we were leaving the venue of the meeting, the same car that was giving issues while we were coming, did not disturb me through that long journey. Network returned to the phone and all was well again.

I learnt the huge lesson never to let my emotions get the better of me rather in everything through prayers and supplications, I should make my worries known unto God and that is the model I have adopted.

What about you?

Remember how He asked if any of us by worrying have been able to add a cubic centimeter to our hair? Well, I am yet to meet a man who can say that worry did him/her good.

So like the saying goes; why worry when you can pray…


@IamOluwaObinna and I am committed to your Peak Performance.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Stay Strong

Recent weeks have been filled with numerous news of killings, bombings and kidnapping of innocent children, and all of a sudden social media and all other form of decimating information is agog with the lamentation of people bemoaning the sad occurrences.

In the same vein, there has been celebrations and marriages, men wining and dining with careless abandon, customized branded gadgets being doled out as if they were a penny per dozen (I’m not beefing #justsaying).

While some partake in the balling, others mourn their losses and a great number gist and complain about all the events going on, raining dozens and millions of abuses on government and public office holders. Put together, my country is in a state and no one seems to know where help would come from.

You would think the international community would have the response to the issues that seek to drown our leadership, but no, they solicit our support to help out with the situation in Ukraine. Which tells me that they perceive that even in our purported state of crisis, we are better than most.

I thought deeply about all these things going on, and the Holy Spirit led me to Matthew chapter 24 and I began to read from verse 3 all the way to verse 44.

So many of us have asked numerous questions with regards to the events in the country right now; what is the government doing? Why are the leaders so incompetent? Don’t they care about the killings going on? Are we such cowards that we can’t rebel and fight back or even protest? What is the church doing? Why are great men of God in this nation silent on this matter? The questions go on and on. But I will implore you to please read Matthew 24.

There are so many things that our Lord Jesus outlined as “The Signs of the Times and the End of the Age” and those are the things that are happening right now. My interest really isn’t in outlining what the signs He mentioned are, I am more interested in what He advised us to do during this time.

First in verse 4 of Matthew 24, He said; “Take heed that no one deceives you…” this is a call to seek caution and not be deceived by the many suggestions that people will make during this period. You will hear all sorts, verse 6 talks about wars and rumours of wars, but our Lord says that we should not be troubled. For me, this explained the silence of some renowned clerics on these matters arising.

Verse 12 talks about lawlessness abounding, I think this is prevalent in my country where traffic lights are for decoration and it is difficult to separate the law enforcement agencies from crime as both seem to be working hand-in-hand. It also says that the love of many will grow cold, which is why people can go about bombing and killing innocent human beings without any form of fear or recourse.

But verse 13 is where I am going to, it says “he who endures to the end shall be saved”. 

I have been asked what I think the church should do about all the violence going on in the country, as much as I would have loved us to take up arms and take this war to the enemies camp and show them that we are soldiers of the cross not just by mouth but also in deed lol, I would rather we adopt the guidelines as instructed us by our Lord Jesus Christ.

We need to be more observant and security conscious as Christians, verse 15-22 captures it for me. If you hear of these things, flee first and ask questions later, be reasonable and aware of your environment. You owe it to yourself and God to endure to the end.

Will the bad news stop, I don’t think so. Will they continue to fight and kill people (not only in Nigeria)? Yes, I believe so ‘cos if it were not be so, Christ wouldn’t have said so. I also think that these types of occurrences will get more severe as the years go by.

So my advice/opinion? Stay safe, be alert, do a lot of watching while you pray. Stay strong and endure to the end. Trust me, the gory sights and pictures are enough to push any man to his wits end and break even the strongest of emotionally stable men, but we need not relent on our faith and our stand in Christ.

For those of us that would have loved to push back and do something radical, remember Peter tried to push back when he pulled his sword and cut off the ear of one of the men that was harassing his master. It is important to note that Jesus did not support Peter even though Peter was fighting for Him in quote. It might seem like a docile position to take, but we have the privilege to have been fore warned about these occurrences. I don’t think God wants us to fight in arms; our battle is in the place of the spirit. Stay strong in your spirit man, do not relent in prayers for yourself, your loved ones and your beloved Nation, be observant of your immediate environment always, pay attention to that still small voice within you. Let our mantra be; “What doesn’t break us makes us stronger”.

My God will give us the grace to remain strong to the end.

I wish you a Happy Easter celebration in advance, let the reason for the season not be lost on you.

IamOluwaObinna, I remain committed to your Peak Performance.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I promised to post some articles I wrote during the holidays, so here goes another one of them, I look forward to getting your responses and being of help any way I can.


Life as unpredictable as it is, is really worth living if it were not to be so, the proportion of people that give up on life to those that fight for dear life would have been much higher. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that in the past few years, suicide rate all over the world has increased astronomically but this doesn’t negate the fact that Life is worth living and worth living well.

I needed to write this because recent events, discussions and Coaching sessions have opened my eyes to the fact that Negative Emotions are major deterrents to living the good life God has promised us.

A major part of life experiences are those events that literarily rip our hearts out (most people avoid discussing them) like the loss of a loved one, a cheating husband or wife, a broken relationship, a wayward child, disappointments, an unexpected loss of a job, the list goes on and on but you catch my drift. These events occur and most people don’t know how to move past this point. There have been instances where the person just shuts down and shuts everyone else out of their lives and in some extreme cases, wish death upon themselves.

I very recently had one of those heart retching experiences and believe you me, it wasn’t funny. You know it is way easier to give other people advice and tell them to do this or say that or load them up with scriptures that will “encourage” their faith, but when you are the one in that situation, all those wise sayings seem to run away. You just find out that you are blank and it seems to suck away the zeal to pursue a good life. Questions like; Lord, why me? Why do I even bother? Am I the only one? Begin to arise and more often than not, you don’t get immediate answers.

It’s the holidays so I have some time and I decided to document some lessons I took out of this experience and share it with you, seven of them stood out, there were so many more but I would share just seven.

I had asked myself some of those questions mentioned earlier and so many others but each time I drew blanks so I decided to take a long walk and clear my head. It was during this walk that lesson number one came:

1)      Never make long term decisions when you are Hurting: If you are yet to make sense of the situation, please don’t make any long term decisions, even if they are urgent decisions, you can delay making them by a few seconds, minutes or hours, you need the perspective and clarity you might gain within that time. Decisions made while angry or grieving are usually emotional decisions and more often than not, they are the wrong decisions. Clear your head, calm down, sort out whatever emotion you are feeling at that point; the anger, grief, disappointment, etc take care of that first before making that decision.

2)      Don’t compress your emotions, it might lead to depression: It is important that you let out that emotion, don’t try to compress it, it is very dangerous to do so. Now when I say let out the emotions, I didn’t imply that you should go around punching people or breaking stuff or throwing tantrums (which are some of the popular ways people let out emotions) NO, I meant you should seek out a reasonable way of letting out the emotion. We are all wired differently so find what works for you (within the confines of that which is sane) and use such means to de-stressify yourself. I would either take a very long walk or hit the gym and push weights till I’m burnt out or watch football and scream at players that can't hear me lol but that’s me, find what works for you.

3)      Talk about it: African men or men generally they say are not expressive most especially when it comes to verbal expression, but it would help you a great deal if you talk about what you are going through and how it makes you feel. Women are more likely to resonate with this because of the way they are wired, but men also need to adopt this too. So you can choose to see a professional Counselor, Life Coach, your Pastor, also you can talk to your personal confidant provided him/her isn’t the reason you are hurting. Sometimes, talking about it alone can do you a world of good. You can also talk about it with the person involved assuming it was someone that hurt you, but be sure to have sorted your emotions out before doing this, you need a clear head to have the right perspectives.

4)      Forgive and Let go: This is the part that everyone seems to have an issue with, question always is; how can I forget about this? I hear people say I can forgive, but I don’t think I can forget, which is why I used the word “Let go”. When you let something go, popular saying is that if it is really yours it will come back, that’s not the point I want to make with that, the way I see it, you letting go reduces the influence the thing has over you hence you will notice that it hurts less as the hours or maybe days go by. The way it works for me is that I forgive in advance then gradually work on the letting go part and trust me, it helps. But you also need to be careful if it’s a loved one that hurt you because you can let go and literarily let go lol and I am not sure that’s what we are aiming to do. So if it is a loved one that hurt you, you let go of the event that occurred and not the person. There are also instances where you need to let the person go so as to aid your healing process, I would advocate that you seek professional counsel on this.

5)      Have Faith and Trust again: In hurting situations, Trust is always one of the first things to go and this is very (I think I should add another very to that) difficult to regain. You feel like you were let down and this affects your Trust in God and Trust in people depending on who you decide to blame, but if you have taken step 4 above, it is very important that you step out on a limb and trust again. This will really help your healing process, it makes you feel vulnerable but if you can look beyond that immediate feeling of vulnerability into the future, you will find that the healing process won’t be so hard anymore.

6)      See the Bigger Picture: If it didn’t consume you or kill you, then I believe God still has something planned for you. Two scriptures come to mind; “For I know the thoughts I have for you, thoughts of good and not of evil to give you an expected end” and “Behold ALL Things work together for your good to those that love Him that are the called according to His purpose”. A certain someone believes I have abused that second scripture, but it helps me find perspective to everything hence I don’t get too disappointed when some things happen, I just categorize them as “All things” lol. You need to see the bigger picture, though this weeping is enduring for this night, your joy will definitely come in the morning.

7)      Pray in the Holy Ghost: It might be difficult to frame the right words or pray according to His will when you are hurting, so I will advocate that you pray in The Holy Ghost. I sat there looking at the TV screen, blank, not really seeing anything but my lips were moving, praying in tongues (thank God for Spirit filled understanding friends who just let me be and didn't drag me into the football arguments, everyone needs them #justsaying). After a very long while of praying in that position, I had this peace within me, I didn't know what next to do but I just knew that everything was going to be okay. The Holy Spirit is called The Comforter for a reason, He understands what you are going through and knows exactly what to say and do to sooth you.

Time has passed, I am still hurting (not as much anymore), I am healing pretty fast and I am almost at that point where it really doesn’t matter anymore, I am Living the Good Life and most importantly, I am Happy.

So what is that thing hurting you, do you want to talk about it? If you do, You can send me a mail or follow me on Twitter @IamOluwaObinna or via BBM – 7C889941

IamOluwaObinna and I am committed to your Peak Performance.

Monday, 24 February 2014


I sit down most times and wonder how different life would be if only we could live and practice the things that are contained in the Word of God as it is written for us, life would be so much easier and the enemy won’t have any room to steal our joy. There are so many professing Christians these days but not many “Christians”.

Don’t mind me and my opening line, just wanted to share some thoughts that were going through my mind just before I slept last night.

I hope you have moved up higher from where you were the last time I posted on this blog? If you haven’t, don’t panic, there is enough room up here for everyone and your spot is right here waiting for you to step up and occupy it.

 If you live in Lagos like I do, you travel a lot because the time it takes you to get to Victoria Island from Ajah, is the same time it would take someone to travel from Aba to Owerri #justsaying. So I crossed the Atlantic on Sunday to visit the Mrs, who by the way is doing well, thank you for asking lol and we had a great time together. As the evening was winding down, we decided to get ice cream just before I dropped her off at home. Coldstone just opened on Toyin Street (they have to pay me for this advert) and that was where we headed. We got what we needed, continued with the jisting and laughing in the car all the way to her house (bottom line, we had fun #don'tbeef).

Just as I wanted to come down from the car, I reached for my phone and couldn’t find it, searched the entire car and it was not there. We called the number and it rang but no one answered, then we concluded we must have forgotten it at Coldstone. We had to drive all the way back and the same car that was all bubbly a few minutes ago was silent. I can’t imagine what was going through her mind, all I could think of was having to buy a new phone which wasn’t funny at all because the budget currently is stretched as it where.

But somewhere during that drive, I heard the Holy Spirit ask; “are you acting or reacting? Have you forgotten so soon that the devil comes to steal, kill and… what would be the right thing to do in a situation like this?” It was like that was what I needed to jolt me back and immediately I sent angels to secure the phone and keep it for me, I thought, if it was still ringing, then it wasn’t stolen, nothing can steal my Joy, not even my missing phone. At this point, I relaxed but still couldn't talk cos I know madam was lost in her thoughts.  

We got to Coldstone, asked the cashiers but no one saw the phone, just at the point we were about to step out, a guy walks up to us and said; “Hi guys, you forgot this on your way out, I tried to come after you but you had gone”. You can imagine the relief and the gratitude, we thanked the guy profusely and headed home, but the chit chat and the laughter that we were sharing was gone just like that.

How many times have you been in a place where you are all fired up and having a good time and something happens that just deflates the energy? The enemy is always seeking to steal your joy but you must be at alert to ensure that he doesn’t succeed, guard your heart and joy jealously, don’t give the devil room to truncate your joy. It is your responsibility to ensure that you remain Joy-Full always.

With these thoughts in mind, I consciously initiated discussions that brought the laughter back. We were both yawning by the time we got to her house, but she had a smile on her face when she stepped out of the car and I left her though tired, but smiling.

The devil does not have the capacity to steal your Joy, he only gets what you give him. I employ you not to give him the time of the day. Consistently make an effort to retain your Joy, though the storms may rage, it is only but for a while. consciously speak Joy into every situation in your life.
Peace Be Still.

Have a Joy-Full week.

I remain committed to your Peak Performance.


Tuesday, 21 January 2014



I know you have a clearer picture what season of your life you are in now, and if you don’t, I know you are working on it. One guiding principle that can help you figure it out is to observe your quiet time and “inflect” ie look inwards and think deeply. Open up your heart and allow The Holy Spirit guide you through the process, and please do not cast any thought away as unimportant, at the best, write them down somewhere you might need to come back to it in the nearest future. I pray for you that God will order your thoughts IJMN. Like I would always say, thoughts are things.

I woke up with this persistent nudge to write this morning and when I asked what I was to write about, I was told “a follow up to your last post” and 1Kings 18:41 dropped into my spirit.

For 3years, Israel had been in a season of drought and the land was devastated. This drought was as a result of the proclamation of a man over the land. Note that Ahab was the principal defaulter here (1 Kings 16:29-33) but the entire land suffered for 3years as a result of the errors of her leader.

This tells me that the seasons of your life can also be determined by factors beyond your personal control.

This morning I stand as a messenger and as Elijah declared to Ahab and Israel, I declare to you and this Nation, “Go up, eat and drink; for there is the sound of abundance of rain”. A new season heralds upon us. By the Spirit of God, I cancel the effects of every negative proclamation that has been made over this Nation, the same tongues that spoke evil over this Nation shall declare good over her by the authority in Christ Jesus.

You need to prepare for the next season. Farmers sow towards the end of the dry season, in anticipation of the rains, Prepare for your New Season.

After making the declaration, Elijah went up to mount Carmel and bowed down to the ground in prayers, Jer 29:7 asks us to pray for the peace of our Jerusalem, this Nation is our Jerusalem, I make a Clarion call for a few worshipers who will join me on this mountain and cry out for this Nation that the Peace of God that passes human understanding may reign over this Nation.

Remember that the seasons of your life can be determined by the Season your Nation is in.



I am committed to Your Peak Performance.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


It’s my first post in 2014 and I am really excited about it. I had written so many articles during the holidays, but for some reason didn’t have a release to post them yet so I’ll be doing so in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, let’s delve into the koko of the matter.

This post would have come last week, but I didn’t want it to be lost amidst all the New Year greetings. There might be the tendency for it to be regarded as another New Year post and hence meted the same treatment most folks give New Year resolutions lol #justsaying.

Coming into 2014, I was thinking; it’s a New year, so what? What now, what happens next, what’s the way forward? You know all those questions you ask yourself when you are evaluating your life. Sitting there evaluating the failures, setbacks, successes and progress made in 2013 and trying to set a focus for the New Year, something dropped in my spirit; I Am a God of SEASONS.

It didn’t make much sense at the time "God of Seasons", but as I eventually sat down to meditate on that one line, I began to gain more insights into it.

So I asked; does that mean we shouldn’t celebrate the New Year or what, ‘cos You made it sound like I am making too much out of the new year? I would rather you celebrate that you know what season of your life you are in was the response I got. Sensing that I was threading on deep territory, I decided to seek help from scriptures; Lord show me what you are trying to say from scriptures I asked. 2Peter 3:8 “Beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is AS a thousand years, and a thousand years AS one day.” The words “AS” jumped at me, in His eyes, the days and the years are both interchangeable, they really don’t differ from each other, but seasons count.


I was seeing this in this light for the very first time, my senses were piqued to dig deeper. So teach me about seasons Lord; I will show you but a few, the rest is up to you to decipher. I accepted the deal, and by the time we were half way through I had enough study material to last me a year let me share some “Seasons/Times” with you:

Eccl 3:1-8 will be the obvious place to start from, it talks about a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to harvest, a time to gain and a time to lose, etc. I want you to read it, did you notice the pattern? It’s like doing words and opposite in primary school right? Take a minute and think about it, are there events in your life within the past one year that have seemed like words and opposite? 

Maybe I should share more scriptures;

Ps 37:39 talks about the time of Trouble, same Ps 37:19 talks about the time of Evil. Jer 8:12 talks about the time of Punishment, Jer 15:11 talks about the time of Adversity, Jer 18:23 talks about the time of Anger, Jesus Himself at some point told His disciples that His time had not come and when His time drew nigh, He told them, My time is at hand. Jesus knew what time it was, He knew His time, do you know yours?

I sat with this, and Eccl 9:11 began to make more sense; Time and Chance happens to them all... ONLY MEN WHO KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS WILL SEIZE THE CHANCE WHEN THEY SEE IT. Little wonder sorcerers and seers are still in business, because from time Immemorial, men have been seeking to know the Times and Seasons so as to align their actions accordingly.

God told Abraham in Gen 18:10 “I will return to you according to the Time of Life…” so Sarah though she had passed the age of child bearing and her womb was dead as it where, but because it was “The Time of Life” received life in her inner organs to bear a son.

Can you discern what season your life is in? Many religious organizations have called for a fast and everyone is praying along with prayer points that have been set out as guidelines, but I ask you a personal question, have you aligned your prayer requests to match the season of your life that you are in? you need to be deliberate about this, sit down, take a pen and paper and chronicle the past few years of your life, do you recognize a pattern? Can you from that pattern discern what season it is for you?

As for me, God is taking me back to my roots, to when I first loved Him, that’s the season I am in now, a season of Absolute Dependence and Newness, trusting him for everything.

What Season of Your Life is it?


I am committed to your Peak Performance.