Saturday, 6 May 2017


A couple of days ago, the Lord demanded that I spend more time with Him. To me, He literally sounded like a jealous lover and this had me thinking. You see, I spend an average of 2hrs minimum in His presence daily and to me, that was an above average quality time (all things being equal) but I heard Him say to me that  for the depths I’ve begun to touch and enter, much more was required. My schedule has since changed and I cannot even begin to share with you how amazing it has been, it almost feels like floating on thin air #storyforanotherday.

This demand from my Father got me thinking; on an average, how well does the average professing Christian know their God?

There are some insights that the Father will give to me and my question to Him always is; “Lord, what have I then been doing all this while?” and He just chuckles and continues teaching me. I have been taught so much of the Lord, yet it still feels like I know so little. The depths in His glory are sooooo deep and vast, leaves you searching and thirsting for more.

I have a passion for believers so when I receive some insights, I most times look at it in comparison to the average professing believer. So a little question pops in my head; How much time are you investing in the knowledge of God and fellowship with Him?

Matt 6:21 Luke 12:34 tells us that where a man’s treasure is, that’s where his heart will be. I belong to this investment group and I observe with utter amazement (pardon my French) how driven and hyped up these guys are about making money and I always quietly wonder if their relationships with God receives half as much of that sort of attention and ginger.

A look at the things you are gingered about gives one an insight as to where your treasure really lies. Jesus in Matt 19 instructed the rich young ruler to go sell his possessions, give the proceeds to the poor and follow Him. The man walked away sad, scripture says because he had many possessions. He weighed the option of walking away from his possessions for Christ and considered it too much a price to pay so he decided that he rather have his possessions that have Christ. I am sure we often read that passage and think ‘what a foolish guy’ however, so many of us today by our actions are doing the exact same thing. When last did you take a vacation just to spend time with God? Can you cancel a business meeting just to spend time with God? Can you walk away from your well-paying job just because God asked you to? Can you shut down your business which you built from scratch just because God asked you to?

What does this walk with God even mean to you?

As you go into this new month and for the rest of your days, I want you to ask yourself; how well am I walking with God?