Tuesday, 14 January 2014


It’s my first post in 2014 and I am really excited about it. I had written so many articles during the holidays, but for some reason didn’t have a release to post them yet so I’ll be doing so in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, let’s delve into the koko of the matter.

This post would have come last week, but I didn’t want it to be lost amidst all the New Year greetings. There might be the tendency for it to be regarded as another New Year post and hence meted the same treatment most folks give New Year resolutions lol #justsaying.

Coming into 2014, I was thinking; it’s a New year, so what? What now, what happens next, what’s the way forward? You know all those questions you ask yourself when you are evaluating your life. Sitting there evaluating the failures, setbacks, successes and progress made in 2013 and trying to set a focus for the New Year, something dropped in my spirit; I Am a God of SEASONS.

It didn’t make much sense at the time "God of Seasons", but as I eventually sat down to meditate on that one line, I began to gain more insights into it.

So I asked; does that mean we shouldn’t celebrate the New Year or what, ‘cos You made it sound like I am making too much out of the new year? I would rather you celebrate that you know what season of your life you are in was the response I got. Sensing that I was threading on deep territory, I decided to seek help from scriptures; Lord show me what you are trying to say from scriptures I asked. 2Peter 3:8 “Beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is AS a thousand years, and a thousand years AS one day.” The words “AS” jumped at me, in His eyes, the days and the years are both interchangeable, they really don’t differ from each other, but seasons count.


I was seeing this in this light for the very first time, my senses were piqued to dig deeper. So teach me about seasons Lord; I will show you but a few, the rest is up to you to decipher. I accepted the deal, and by the time we were half way through I had enough study material to last me a year let me share some “Seasons/Times” with you:

Eccl 3:1-8 will be the obvious place to start from, it talks about a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to harvest, a time to gain and a time to lose, etc. I want you to read it, did you notice the pattern? It’s like doing words and opposite in primary school right? Take a minute and think about it, are there events in your life within the past one year that have seemed like words and opposite? 

Maybe I should share more scriptures;

Ps 37:39 talks about the time of Trouble, same Ps 37:19 talks about the time of Evil. Jer 8:12 talks about the time of Punishment, Jer 15:11 talks about the time of Adversity, Jer 18:23 talks about the time of Anger, Jesus Himself at some point told His disciples that His time had not come and when His time drew nigh, He told them, My time is at hand. Jesus knew what time it was, He knew His time, do you know yours?

I sat with this, and Eccl 9:11 began to make more sense; Time and Chance happens to them all... ONLY MEN WHO KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS WILL SEIZE THE CHANCE WHEN THEY SEE IT. Little wonder sorcerers and seers are still in business, because from time Immemorial, men have been seeking to know the Times and Seasons so as to align their actions accordingly.

God told Abraham in Gen 18:10 “I will return to you according to the Time of Life…” so Sarah though she had passed the age of child bearing and her womb was dead as it where, but because it was “The Time of Life” received life in her inner organs to bear a son.

Can you discern what season your life is in? Many religious organizations have called for a fast and everyone is praying along with prayer points that have been set out as guidelines, but I ask you a personal question, have you aligned your prayer requests to match the season of your life that you are in? you need to be deliberate about this, sit down, take a pen and paper and chronicle the past few years of your life, do you recognize a pattern? Can you from that pattern discern what season it is for you?

As for me, God is taking me back to my roots, to when I first loved Him, that’s the season I am in now, a season of Absolute Dependence and Newness, trusting him for everything.

What Season of Your Life is it?


I am committed to your Peak Performance.

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