Friday, 6 September 2013


The human mind is complex yet simple and understanding the way it functions and how we can relate with it can help you attain phenomenal results consistently.
Recently I began to review the challenges we have in this Nation Nigeria and I realized that the major issue with Nigeria is not the system or the structure but the people. Now I can assure you that if you move Americans to this geographical area known as Nigeria and move Nigerians to the geographical area known as America, in about 5yrs, Nigeria will be a better place and America would not be the same and the reason is not far fetched, the people are the nation.
So what is the issue with Nigerians?
I summarize it with one word CHARACTER
Technically, character is a morally neutral term describing the nature of a person in terms of major qualities. So everyone has a character.
In most situations, however, when we are talking about a person’s character we are referring to the sum total of his or her moral qualities: is she a good person or bad person, is he worthy of trust and admiration or not.
So when we say someone has good character we are expressing the opinion that his or her nature is defined by worthy traits like integrity, courage, and compassion. People of good character are guided by ethical principles even when it’s physically dangerous or detrimental to their careers, social standing, or economic well-being. They do the right thing even when it costs more than they want to pay.
Now going by what I just described character to be, can you see why I said the problem with Nigeria is the people?
Maybe I should even ask the question; Will you do the right thing and abide by ethical principles even when it is physically dangerous or detrimental to your career, social standing or economic (financial) well-being? Notice that I didn't bring God into the picture just so you don’t go all religious on me, we are talking morals here.
Keep your answer to yourself and try to imagine how other Nigerians will respond to this question then you will know why despite how religious Nigerians are, it doesn't reflect in the society at all.
No one is born with good character; it’s not a hereditary trait. And it isn't determined by a single noble act. Character is established by conscientious adherence to moral values, not by lofty rhetoric or good intentions. This is why we must be a good example to ourselves first then our children.
Are we teaching our children to be a people of integrity, to be respectful, kind, loving caring, compassionate, to be their neighbor’s keeper, to be gentlemen and ladies, to treat others with respect, to be reliable, to be tolerant and have a good reputation? Are we teaching them values, to be credible, to be accountable, to save and care for the needy?
We owe it to ourselves first and then our children and ultimately Nigeria to be a people of good character.
Good Character begets Strength and it cannot be faulted anywhere in the world.

Be The Change, and together let us make Nigeria Better.