Saturday, 19 March 2016


Imagine this;
I am having a conversation with a random person and we were discussing life issues and allied matters. I was sharing my thoughts from a spiritual perspective as it applies to life (these days, I really don’t care if you are Muslim or Jewish, so long as you are human, I talk Jesus with you. You either accept it or leave it, lol).
So as we continued in our discussion, the guy says ‘hmmm, deep stuff!’ while nodding his head profusely. Towards the end of the conversation, he asks a question that I am sure most of you reading this post have asked someone at one point or the other; ‘where do you worship?’
I paused and without thinking about it, responded CELE.
Yes I lied, deal with it. Lol
You should have seen the look of utter disappointment and shock on his face, like how can this much wisdom and grace come out of the lips of a cele guy. I allowed him to wallow in his shock for a few seconds and then asked;
Me: Is anything the matter?
He looked at me like; ‘can’t you see the problem?’
I maintained a bland look like; ‘I don’t understand what you are trying to say with your expressions’.
Guy: You can’t really be serious, you must be joking. Haba, you don’t sound like a cele person.
Me: How do cele people sound?
Guy: I don’t know, I just know that you don’t sound like a cele person.
I smile and walk away leaving the guy utterly confused and I’m sure with loads of questions running through his head.
Think about it, how many times have you asked the same question to someone or heard someone ask you or anyone else that question?
While rounding off my workout this morning, a song kept playing in my spirit and I cannot remember the last time I heard that song anywhere; “Though we are many, we are one body, we are one body in Christ”.
I am almost sure that God is disappointed with what we call the body of Christ today. Scratch that, what we have today is the body parts of Christ and not the body of Christ. The devil has pitched us against ourselves and the church is in competition with herself as against working together as one body in achieving the ultimate goal of reconciliation to the initial plans of God.
I am almost ashamed to be associated with the setup we have currently, it is very embarrassing.
In 1Corinthians 1:10-13, Apostle Paul was addressing this same thing when people were claiming that they were for Apollos some were for Paul others were for Cephas while some others were for Christ.
My question is, is Christ divided?
People go; my church this, our church that. My pastor this our pastor that, what happened to Christ in all of this?
The devil has taken something that was supposed to make us stronger and used it to pitch us against ourselves. Now instead of working together to function as one body, various denominations are in a competition as to which shrine sorry auditorium is more elegant than the other. We are competing as to who has the largest number of followers (as if that determines the quality of transformation that is going on in the individual lives).
Don’t get me wrong, I am all for us reaching the whole world with the gospel of Christ via every means possible. I am just against us making it look like we are in a battle to best each other as against us working together to achieve a single purpose.
I am just tired of the nonsense I see around me. The other day, I received an email that made me almost want to throw up in disgust, some people obviously have lost sight and focus of what we are actually doing or supposed to be doing in the “Body of Christ”. That mail was an insult to my God and what Christ taught while here on earth. I am yet to respond to the mail, but I will just because I have been asked to not because I really want to.
Little wonder it is difficult for people to genuinely come to God as there is no much difference between what they seen in the “body of Christ” and what they see in the business world around them.
A house that is divided amongst its self CANNOT stand.
I make bold to say that Jesus Christ is not coming anytime soon as what we currently have is nothing close to the “BRIDE/BODY” He promised to return to.
That last line may sound controversial, I am not willing to discuss it, let The Holy Spirit expand it for you. You can also read 1 Corinthians 1:1-31 and ask The Holy Spirit to open your eyes to that scripture.
My name is Onyekwere Obinnaya and I am a son of God. I do not belong to any denomination; I belong to the body of Christ.
God Bless You.


Monday, 14 March 2016


I was driving and just ahead the road looked blocked. There I was in front of the traffic light wondering if I should stay on the highway or take the back road that I usually would take occasionally. Just at the point I was about to move, I heard a very tiny voice say “stay on the highway”, but I was already making the turn and to make matters worse, there were law enforcement agents standing there by the turn, so I just went in.

I went into that back road and spent about 10 mins on the same spot, not making any progress. I looked at my back from the rearview mirror and I could see that those turning into the highway were moving, though at a very slow pace, they were making progress.

After another 5 mins on the same spot, I finally decided to turn back and return to the highway I had turned off from. Funny thing was; all the guys on the queue with me were not making any progress either and none of them seemed to be bothered. So I made the turn and headed back. As I turned, I noticed that two or three other cars made the turn with me while all the other cars stayed put.

In less than 5 mins, I was on the highway and the traffic was free flowing and I began to wonder why I turned off in the first instance.

I paused and thought about it; is that not the same thing that most of us do in life? We are on the right path to life and victory and at the slightest road block or unexpected difficulty; we begin to seek the short cut out of the trouble we are facing. There are always things to make us feel that the short cut is actually the way out alas we take the turn just to find out that just beyond the seemingly easier path is a difficulty worse than the one we thought we were facing. And the way life works, we would find other people on the same path with us, stuck in similar situations {law of recognition} not knowing if they should stay in the rut or swallow their pride and return back to the path they veered off from.

I seek to encourage someone reading this post, maybe you have made a wrong turn and gone on a path you shouldn’t have, retrace your steps today. God is waiting for you on the highway to lead you to an expected end if only you will turn back to the highway. Don’t look at the people around you that are in the same rut you are currently in, most of them don’t have an idea what to do, while some of them are waiting for you to make the turn and lead the way for them to follow.

Mind you, I know that it is not an easy decision to eat the humble pie and turn back to a path that you have turned away from. The circumstances around your turning off might not even have been that palatable, however, I beseech you to make that turn now. Do not wait for tomorrow as it might be too late.

As I got back on the highway, I realized that most of the cars that were behind me were long gone, I kept moving on just grateful to be making some good progress and not being stuck in the same place. When you get back to the highway, you might notice that the people who couldn’t even measure up to you in time past have since moved ahead and become well placed. In some instances, they might even be the ones dishing out the orders to you, take it all in good faith and keep moving forward. Be grateful for the opportunity to be back, it is only a matter of time and you will pick up speed because when you are on the right path, there is that joy that comes with you knowing that you are making good progress.

There is an expected end that awaits you, and I am so looking forward to seeing you across the finish line.


@IamOluwaObinna and I am committed to your Peak Performance