Sunday, 22 November 2015


All day today, a song kept playing in my head (Even in the grave, Jesus is Lord, Even in the grave, Jesus is Lord) and as I sang it over and over again, meditating on the lyrics and tweaking the lyrics to fit every possible circumstance, my spirit was uplifted.

My friend’s brother was kidnapped a few days ago and the kidnappers held him for 3days in the bush. He was bound and blindfolded all through the ordeal and what he suffered during that period can only be imagined. A ransom was paid and the guy was released but I keep playing it all back in my head trying to figure it out and imagine the various possible scenarios that could have played out…

Even in the grave, Jesus is Lord… there is the song again playing in my head; then it hits me what God was saying to me all day; the grave is the burial place of the dead meaning that everyone/thing in the grave is dead. But even in the dead state, Jesus is still Lord. The Lordship of Jesus is not circumstantial neither is it based on human feelings or conditions. Jesus is still Lord over everything.

With the current shootings and all in France, the insurgence in the Northern part of Nigeria, the bombings in Syria, the clamour and rioting for the sovereign state of Biafra, with all the noise going on around us, Jesus is still Lord.

As individuals even in our darkest hours, in our time of dare need, Jesus is still Lord. Remember He promised us in His word that He will never leave nor forsake us. He is our present help in times of trouble if only we would cry out to Him.

Are you in a tight situation, depressed, worried, losing hope and seriously searching for help? Cry out to God NOW for help because even in the grave, JESUS IS LORD.
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