Thursday, 11 June 2015


Over the weekend 07 June 2015 precisely, The Redeemed Christian Church of God – Apapa Family which I belong to held her annual Apapa Family conference with the theme “Riding on the Wings of Change”. I know it sounds somewhat like a political tag line, but I go back to the conference theme from a few years ago and it all begins to come together.

In 2012, the theme for Excel was “Change Catalyst”. In 2013, it was “Be The Change”. In 2014, the theme was “Excel” and this year, it was “Riding on The Wings of Change”. Going by this, if I am left to infer, it would mean that the “Change” happened in 2014 when we “Exceled”.


After the event, I had some time to reflect on the past editions of the event and how far the event has come and how large the family has grown over a 24year period. I can’t remember which year exactly it was that rain was beating us under the canopies that was provided as covering during the excel programme. We have had years that the sound was so bad that my buddy and I  went home grumbling all the way despite the powerful messages we heard.

As I reflected more on the event, it dawned on me that indeed, change has occurred. It was a different company that supplied the canopies for this years’ event and anyone that was at the event will bear me witness that it was a better arrangement. Also, we had a massive improvement on the sound system and I noticed that the outfit that supplied the sound this year was also different.

Then I thought about it, in the midst of all these positive changes, I used to be in a choir that ministered at the Excel meeting every year until I was posted out, but this year was different they were nowhere in the picture of this years’ event which is also a “Change”. Some choirs that were regulars ministered and a few new ones too. So for the new ones that ministered, “Change” has also happened and they can either ride on the wings of their performance this year or be dropped next year depending on how well they performed.

And I began to ask myself; is the wind of change blowing me in a positive direction or in a negative direction? From my personal calculations, my response to that is that the wind is blowing me in a very positive direction. So I can gallantly ride on the wings of these positive changes around me.

However, looking at your life as an individual, can you say that the events going on around you are note-worthy ones and are propelling you towards a desired future? These things cannot be left to happenstance, there has to be deliberate and conscious efforts, plans and actions towards the desired future. You are either riding forward towards God’s plan for your life, your positive goals and aspirations, or riding negatively away from God’s plan for your life.

In what direction is your CHANGE riding to?

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