Saturday, 27 June 2015


My schedule over the last few weekends has not given me the time to follow through on my workout regimen, so knowing I had a free morning this weekend, it was with great enthusiasm that I looked forward to working out today.

Midway into my three mile jog, fatigue set in. Apparently, my body wasn’t used to the routine any more. Has it been that long? I kept asking myself. I pushed, psyched myself with power words and pushed some more and somehow, I made it to the half way point. At this point sweating and panting profusely with my muscles screaming in pain, I slowed down into a walk. The power walk helped me calm down and catch my breathe. If you are a gym junkie, you would understand the frustration when you are not able to hit heights or lift weights that used to be a walk in the park for you.

It was during that walk that the ideas for my next blog post came to me plus I was receiving insights for tomorrow’s sermon and nothing gets me excited like the possibility of being a blessing to someone. And the word that was hitting me was obviously going to be a blessing to someone.

With that rush of adrenalin and excitement, I mustered the strength to commence the strides back home. But body no be firewood mehn! Just a few strides into the jog, I couldn’t take it anymore, my mind was made up, I was walking the remaining one mile distance home.

As I was about to stop, the heavens opened and out of nowhere, it began to rain.

Seeking for cover was not an option, I was very far away from home. Taking a tricycle or bike was out of the question ‘cos I don’t jog with cash on me. My only option was to run, so I ran like my life depended on it.

The more I ran, the heavier the rain became, so I decided to enjoy the rain (the last time I played in the rain was about a decade or two ago lol). Sweet thoughts were playing around in my head and I look up and there was my estate gate yes!!! I made it to the finish line.

Then it hit me that I ran all the way and not just that, I did it in the rain.

You might be going through an issue that has gotten you weighed down and you are at the point where you have decided to give up. You can’t bear the pain, the hurt and the tears anymore, you are throwing in the towel. Can you allow God speak to you this morning through me?

Just when you are about to give in, I will send an element into the situation that will seem like it worsens the already bad situation, but don’t be dismayed, that is Me glorifying Myself. I have put within you much more than you realize and by the time we are done on this journey together, you will shout for joy because you made it to the finish line happy, excited, drenched in sweat but victorious.

You can do more than you think you can, those seemingly though situations are only there to bring out the ruggedness in you. Back then, cultists will put intending initiates through very rigorous though beatings to toughen them up for the days ahead. That’s the exact same thing that is happening to you, you are being prepared for the days ahead and you will come out of this victorious.

Stay strong and stay tough, find an inspiration in the storm and press through.

See you at the finish line.


I am committed to your Peak Performance

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