Monday, 16 December 2013


The easiest time for the devil to catch you is when you are not watching and truth is most times, we are not. Note that I said we because I don’t count myself out of the equation. Like we were taught in bible school, the easiest or best time for the devil to strike a believer is just after a victory while you are still celebrating and adrenalin is still high.

I’ll like to explain this using the analogy of a man/woman relationship; it is no longer news that the divorce rate all over the world has sky-rocketed, even Africa has joined the bandwagon. No matter what side of the divide of the divorce argument you are on, it really doesn’t move me because deep down, we all know what the truth is on the subject matter, whether we accept it or not is another thing all together same goes for homosexuality.

Back to the point I was trying to make, two people come together and before a congregation of witnesses (big/small) proclaim their unfailing/unwavering love for each other and then a few days, weeks, months or years as the case may be down the line, the same set of people claim to not love each other anymore and seek for divorce more often than not, siting irreconcilable differences as the reason for divorce. The way I see it for the purpose of the point I am trying to make, when a guy is still trying to get a girl or the girl is positioning herself to be wifed (hope the ladies don’t call for my head for that *winks*) you notice that they go all out to plan outings, hang out, chose what to wear, seek for ways to please and wow the intended other, then they get married and fall into routines and stop “WATCHING”.

They “stop” seeking for ways to please the other and just flow along with events as they arise after all we are married is the general attitude towards things. Throw children into the mix and gradually, attention is drawn away from each other to so many other “important” things and at the end, one question usually crops up (in the movies lol); How did we get here? Answer is very simple, you stopped watching.

When you were waiting on God for the fruit of the womb, when you were looking for a job, when the business wasn’t doing so well, when no man had come to say hi, when you didn’t have food on your table, how long did you spend seeking the face of God on these matters? How many church functions did you attend? How much time did you spend in studying the Word and praying? What was your relationship with God like?

Now you have been wifed, you have gotten that child, you have a great job, business is booming, you are married, you can afford whatever you want, how much time do spend seeking God’s face? There is nothing more to pray for baa? There are not so many battles to fight anymore abi? You don't see it yet, but things are gradually falling into a routine with God and trust me, the enemy is brewing something.

Reality is, in that state of everything being fine, do you think the one you fought to attain this victory will just go and relax and allow you have an everlasting ball? NO. He will go back and re-strategize and re-group to see if he can break you.

Have you ever been in that place where you feel you are okay in your stand with God you pray in tongues and all and then out of the blues, you do something very "un-Christianly", you commit one of the sins we usually will refer to as the weightier sins? And you wonder how did that happen, how did I get here? The response usually is; I fell into sin, sorry to bust your bubble, you did not fall, you walked right into it with eyes wide open and it was a choice you made un-aided. I have been there and I have also had time to think through the entire process asking questions as to what went wrong and each time, I have turned up with the same answer, I wasn’t watching.

Scripture says watch and pray, which means that watching alone is not enough, there also has to be a prayer backing. Jesus told Peter; The devil has sort to sieve you as chaff, but I have prayed for you, Peter did not see that the devil had plans for him but Jesus did. He was in a good place, doing well with the master, he was in a position to lead the team of disciples, he was in Jesus’ inner cacus and things were very alright, but he wasn’t watching, he wasn't aware of his environment (both spiritual and physical).

I always try to end with thought provoking personal assessment questions so here goes; are you watching? Can you see beyond where you stand right now? Are there things you can readily pin point in your relationship with God and people as possible danger signs? If yes, what are you doing or what have you done about them? Think about these things.

Don’t be caught unawares, WATCH and while watching Pray.


I remain committed to your Peak Performance.

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