Monday, 2 December 2013


When you are as skinny as I am, every single kilogram of weight you gain or lose counts for something. I have a friend that have turned family who has never weighed above 55kg even after giving birth to the prettiest Ibadan boy I have ever met, I also recently I heard of a guy who is yet to hit the 52kg mark. When you fall into this category, every kg matters.

Some three weeks ago, for some reason I began to rigorously work out again. I say again because like so many of you reading this post, I used to have a gym membership somewhere and like you too, I must confess that it has been forever since I last went to a gym to work out.

But I took the work out sessions quite seriously this time around. Within the first week I saw significant improvements and this spurred me on. My shirts were tighter lol, I had a great bust of energy, slept better, it felt good and I got a couple of other guys to join me in the work out sessions too.

 Then I fell ill last week. As the nurses were taking my vital signs, I smiled when I saw what I weighed; the hard work had paid off. I was back at the hospital three days later for another check-up and apparently I had lost 1kg. I was so excited that it was just 1kg and I’ll tell you why I was that excited; in time past, whenever I fall ill like that, the weight loss was so drastic that everyone kept asking if I was okay and it was difficult to use the “Faith lingua” (I am well) because the look on their faces tells you that you don’t look alright.

It was on my way home from the hospital that I began to meditate on this topic and relating the difference in weight loss from this experience and my past experiences with our walk with God.

This was my deduction; because in times past I just put on flesh, I lost weight faster in times of sickness than I did when I worked out and built muscles. It takes a longer time to lose muscles than to lose flesh (that didn’t sound right but you sha catch my drift).

When you build your spiritual muscles in the place of studying, meditating on the Word, praying and fellowshipping with brethren, it is much more difficult for you to lose spiritual weight in the times of dryness which we all experience from time to time. But when you are just adding spiritual flesh ie you are okay with just what your pastor says, you don’t do any study or research for yourself, you only fellowship with brethren on Sundays, your prayer life is neither here nor there, it makes you susceptible to losing spiritual weight faster in the times of dryness.

So examine yourself and truthfully answer the question; Am I building muscles or just adding flesh?

Have a splendid week.
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