Thursday, 8 June 2017


I took a few days off work to just lay back and evaluate things. You see, it is very easy to jump from task to task and end up not actually living life. I have had discussions with a few people who are done with their active work life and are completely clueless as to what next to do with themselves. Some of these people were high flyers during their time in active service but right now, in the real world, they are nobodies.
I sat back evaluating myself. I love to write, I love to teach and I love to speak. These three things light me up whenever I’m doing them. Someone once said to me; you can talk for Africa and I responded that so long as I am talking about Jesus and the things He has done, then yes, I can go for days doing that.
Sad thing is, as much as I love to write, I have not written as much as I would have loved to write. I realise now that I have written more over the last four days than I have all through this year put together and this drove me to a resolve.
I will write a minimum of one article every week going forward and speak at least once every week about Jesus Christ and or other matters as the Lord grants me unction. When I stick to this, it would mean that in a year, I would have written at least fifty two articles and spoken to people at least fifty two times. In doing this, I would also be horning my writing and public speaking skills and most importantly, I will be living life.
My life’s work is to help people be the version of themselves that God created them to be and so help me God, in keeping to my resolve, I will be fulfilling my own purpose.
Think about your life, where are you today and where can you possibly be?
What can you commit to today that will bring you closer to where you see yourself to be?
How willing are you to commit to your resolve?
What will success look like at the end of the road?
You can share with me either privately or on this post and I will help you get to the end of the road by the grace of God.
God bless you.
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