Thursday, 17 December 2015


For some folks, it’s the most wonderful season in the year. There is a lot of love in the air, gifts are bought and exchanged, time is spent with family and loved ones, there is excess food to go round, people indulge in over eating and understandably put on weight lol but no one seems to notice cos its CHRISTMASJ.  

My wife loves Christmas, which by default means that I love Christmas #covershisface. And my baby seems to have caught the spirit of the season. She went for her first Christmas Carol a few days back and couldn’t contain her joy as she kept removing her pacifier to scream along with the choir (especially when every other person was quiet) with a huge grin on her face much to the embarrassment of her mother ROTFLJ, she’s cute like that #hugegrin.

For some other folks, Christmas comes with mixed feelings especially for salary earners as salaries are paid earlier than usual so that they can indulge in the festive spending only to realize by 2nd January that pay day is almost another 3months away (or so it seems) lol.

I love Christmas and for me, it is a season to give especially to those who do not have the opportunity to experience the kind of Christmas that some of us have enjoyed virtually all through our lives. Last year, we had the best Christmas I have had till date my TP family and I as we fed 500 people in a remote community in the Ajah area of Lagos Nigeria. It brought tears to my eyes to see men, women and children scramble for what might end up being their only meal for the day and the way their eyes lit up when they saw that we had take-away packs for them would melt even the hardest of hearts. This year, I decided we should double that figure so we would be feeding 1000 people on Christmas day to the glory of God.

As we all go about celebrating in this season, I would like to remind us of the essence of this season.

Jesus Christ is the one we are celebrating. A gift like no other to humanity. God so loved you and I that He gave us JESUS CHRIST #perfectgift.

As you exchange gifts this season and share love this season, I would like to encourage you to share Jesus with someone everyday this season. This is the best gift you can give to someone who is yet to have a personal encounter with Christ. Make a conscious deliberate effort, go out of your way and comfort zone and tell someone about Jesus Christ everyday this season, you will be empowering his/her generation by doing so.

I love you and I am looking forward to receiving my Christmas giftsJ

Have a Blessed weekend.

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