Sunday, 29 March 2015

Post Elections - Day 1

The long awaited and much talked about Nigerian presidential elections have come and gone and we await the results today. There are arguments for and against the two most prominent candidates and it is mind boggling the volume of accusations, counter accusations, information (both true and false ones) flying around about these candidates and I hear them and just smile. Sitting here typing this piece, my colleagues have been on this same election, matter for over 30mins and it is not yet 7am.

My heart is glad with these outcomes because it tells me that people are finally ready in Nigeria to be involved in the affairs of the nation.

If you were eligible to vote and didn’t, I really don’t have much to tell you as you are entitled to the freedom to either exercise your civic rights as a citizen of this great nation or not to. However, in the aftermath of the elections, you do not have any moral rights to open your mouth and say anything either for or against whichever government that is sworn in come May 29 2015.

That said, I must confess that the long wait on Saturday to be able to cast my vote, leaves much to be desired but thank God that we eventually were able to cast our votes. And I actually saw how passionate Nigerians are about the desire to have good governance which is very commendable. I could also off of the discussions sense those that were into shady businesses and were scared that if a certain candidate won in the presidential polls, a possible jail term might be their portion (lol).

At the end of this entire process, I am glad that NEVER again will a leader over this nation come into power and assume that the populace will take just about any crap that they doll out at us. The voice of the PVC is the voice of the people and it sounded very loud and clear over this past weekend.

As we eagerly await the results of the election, I want to commend my fellow Nigerians for conducting yourselves in a very civil manner through this electoral process, I also want to commend all our friends in diaspora for your prayers and thoughts towards us.

I would like to say that by the time the results are announced later today, let us also conduct ourselves in the same civil manner with which we cast our votes and accept the results in good faith. No matter what the results are, whether or not it favours your preferred candidates Jesus Christ remains King over Nigeria.

God Bless Nigeria and Happy Easter.
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