Tuesday, 13 August 2013


So I’ve been away for a few weeks now, had to step away from blogging, business, ministry everything for a little while so that I can recharge my inner batteries and boy did I miss writing and sharing with you but not to worry, there are so many deep insights I received during this time out that I would be sharing with you via this medium and on my twitter handle @IamOluwaObinna and I believe that the Oil of gladness will well up on your inside with great revelational knowledge to enable you impact your sphere of influence positively.

Was in a dilemma what to write about first but the more I dwelt on it, the more convinced I was to start from the very beginning.

So I asked the question; Where am I in relation to where You (God) want me to be? Truth is most times the response we get to that question is either mind boggling or depressing so I braced myself for shocker but the response I got made me numb.

Baba: Who sent you???

Me: Huh!!! How can You be asking me that sort of question?

Silence…. I’m thinking; I won’t say anything until He tells me what He meant by that question (forgetting He is omniscient).

Baba: Take a little while and think about it deeply, who sent you?

As I pondered on those words, it began to make sense. I have been carrying out a lot of activities which truthfully made sense to me but I didn't inquire from The Lord before embarking on some of them and then I responded Him and said ‘I sent myself’. From that point onward  it was so easy understanding so many events of the past few months and it was easier charting a road map for the way forward.

Its amazing how God is interested in the most trivial of things that we do, but unfortunately we leave Him out of them and only involve Him in the “Major” things.

So I throw the question back at you; Who sent you?

The guy you are dating now, the babe you are about to marry, the business deal you are on the verge of sealing, the soup you are about to make, the dress you intend to wear for that occasion, the list is endless. Did you inquire of the Lord before any of that?

If you didn't, then don’t come running back to Him when you run into challenges along the way because the question will be; WHO SEND YOU?

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