Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I went to bed last night very angry in my spirit for Nigeria, I had just seen the video on youtube of the debacle that went down in the Rivers state house of assembly on Monday where the speaker of the house requested for security at the house of assembly complex to be beefed up and the police were reluctant to respond and when they eventually did, the police men sent to the complex were just watching as mayhem was being perpetrated by men that are supposed to be leaders, fathers and family men, the video even shows one of the police men hitting someone that was obviously pro governor R A and it had to take the governor coming around with his security detail for sanity to be restored not after some combat style display by the security detail attached to the governor who funny enough are also police men.

As if that was not enough, another video shows a clown who obviously is a member of the Vikings confraternity and unfortunately happens to be an “honorable” member of the house storm the same complex with thugs wanting to forcefully enter the chambers with his boys on Tuesday. His claim to fame was that the governor came and supervised the beating up of his colleagues (as if we all didn't see a video clip of what went down the day before) and that the governor insulted his mother (Dame Patience Jonathan) and the President.

This morning, a thought dropped in my heart and I began to see the whole thing in an entirely different light. The clown mentioned above and all the other stooges like him are simply fulfilling purpose howbeit running on another man’s purpose/vision.

Makes me ask the question; the things you are doing both in your life and career, are you fulfilling your purpose or are you running on another man’s vision and helping them fulfill their own purpose?

Maybe I should even ask; can you in one short sentence spell out your purpose in life? If you can, I am very happy for you, it means you have a clear idea where you are headed to in life and there are a few things as fulfilling as clarity of purpose. I’ll like you to do me a favor, I’ll like you to put your purpose down in writing and put it in a place where you can see it always and whenever you take an action or you are considering what actions to take about something, ask yourself; how does this action impact on my purpose? You will find out that there are so many things you bother your head over that are not necessary. 

If you aren't clear about your purpose, ask yourself; what do I love doing? If I offered to pay you N300,000 every month tax free to do whatever you liked, what will that thing be? Your answers to these questions should be a pointer in the direction of purpose; you can also pray and ask God to show you what you are here for since He is our maker and knows for what purpose you were created.

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