Thursday, 6 June 2013


I know you are thinking I forgot all about you since I haven’t posted anything in almost two weeks, my sincere apologies, life was happening in fast torrents and I had to respond accordingly.

While we were both busy leading our lives, I was heading to the office one blessed morning in rush hour traffic and as I approached the toll gate, I was in a dilemma which lane to follow. Within me I heard That small voice that is always coming up when you want to do bad thing lol say; Choose a lane and stay on it. I asked which of the lanes to follow? And the response was; any one will do for this lesson. 
 I was still wondering what lesson and as I looked out of the window, I saw this 2012/2013 looking model of Audi whew!!! sleek doesn't come close to describing it. You know I love cars and a 2011 Camry is still the car I am getting this year prior to the upgrade to HSE Sport hehehe so I have started accepting gifts and donations towards this worthy course, all cheques should be made in favour of………

Ogbeni wake up; as I was saying, the car slid by smoothly and got into the lane I was initially thinking I’ll take (his car was faster so he beat me to it. Caroline(that's what i call my car) is serving me well, but I seriously need this upgrade so kindly send in your donations early *winks*). I stayed on my lane and kept rolling towards the booth to pass the toll gate.
As it got to my turn, I don’t know what made me turn to look at the other lane again, not like I expected to see the Audi, it should have been long gone since it was like five cars ahead by virtue of its position on the other lane but lo and behold, there she was sitting pretty behind a car waiting to pass the toll gate. i started thinking unconsciously what could have possibly been the cause of the delay on that other lane. As I paid and passed the toll I looked back through my side mirrors, took one final glance and sped off.

That voice came again;

Lesson 1: Pick a lane and stay on it
Lesson 2: You might not be moving as fast as you want to, but you are moving keep moving
Lesson 3: Stop looking at other cars on their own lanes and how fast they are going, you will only run into the car in front of you (trouble) by doing so
Lesson 4: Did you notice that the lane you “thought” wasn’t moving fast enough was the same lane that led you to leaving the toll plaza before the cool car? Your perceptions can be limiting sometimes
Lesson 5: You really do need that car upgrade lol

I was going to try and do some breakdown, but I’ve been told that this is all I need to say.

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Stay Cre8tive. 
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