Monday, 24 June 2013


Yesterday was a very good day for me, my pastor was on fire, the message was on something I have always believed in and preached and it re-ignited a fire within my bones.  I wrote more articles in one day than I have done in a long while and that felt really good because when I speak and write, I really am in my elements. Then I had a meeting with a brother and friend and the content of this post is an outcome of one of the so many things we discussed. I’m leaving out the part of the day that was spent with the “SHE who must be obeyed” ‘cos that’s none of your business lol.
There are some people you meet and it seems as if God cut you guys out of the same mould if you know what I mean, my meeting yesterday was with one of such people and I hold him very dear to my heart. It’s amazing how my light bulbs light up each time we meet and I always leave with fresh ideas and rejuvenated momentum to influence the business world so Bro we have to hold more of these our sessions (I know he’s reading this and has a big grin on his face right now) .
My purpose is to help you be all that you were created to be and that makes me to keep seeking new ways to help you succeed. I have heard so many success stories and I have read countless books on the success of people and businesses, I have even studied the trajectory of my life and accomplishments and of it all, I can make bold to say that IT IS OKAY TO BE CONFUSED sometimes.
I know so many motivational and inspirational speakers (like me) and books have told you how you should have a clearly set goal and a plan to achieve that goal and a set timeline to attaining the goal and I’m completely not trying to undermine the importance of all of that because they are actually quite key because “when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”, I am saying that it is okay sometimes not to have an idea of what’s next.
It is okay sometimes not to know the type of person you want to marry, it is okay sometimes not to know what career to choose, it is okay sometimes not to know what business you want to go into, it is okay sometimes not to have clarity about your life and purpose, it is okay sometimes to be in doubt, it is okay sometimes to be afraid, it is okay sometimes not to know what the plan is but IT IS NOT OKAY TO REMAIN THERE.
As human beings, there are periods of uncertainty associated with wavering emotions that has a drowning-like feeling to it, anyone that has been there before can associate with what I’m saying. It seems as if the whole world is passing by you and you are the only one on standstill (wink at the screen if you know what I mean lol) I want you to know that you are not the only one that ever felt or feels that way, what you are going through is not peculiar to you and its okay to feel that way but I reiterate that it’s a taboo to remain there.
Staying in that place of uncertainty for too long is a major cause of depression and believe me when I say this, depression is a killer. As a Life Coach I’ve come across people with suicidal tendencies stemming from depression so I know what I’m talking about, we are not talking depression today so I won’t elaborate on that, we will have a platform soon where we will discuss “Deadly Emotions” I’ll keep you posted. What I’m saying is that you cannot afford to remain in that place of uncertainty for too long, it is risky business.
I believe and teach that there are no un-resourceful people, only un-resourceful states. When you find yourself in that state of uncertainty, it could be one of two things:
  1. It might be an opportunity for you to learn more about the power embedded in your sub-conscious mind. Scripture says “I have not given you a spirit of fear but of Love of Power and a SOUND MIND”, You are actually more resourceful and powerful than you know but sometimes you may need someone to help you mine the vast resources of your mind I can help you with that. You can book for a Coaching session with me, send an email to you’ll be glad you did.
  2. It may be God seeking your attention to surrender your will to Him. Sometimes we run ahead of God and do some things that we think are right and somewhere in between we get stock and lost in the middle of a mess and all God is waiting for is for you to invite Him to take charge and guide you out of the mess and into His perfect will for you.
Whichever one it is, don’t allow yourself remain in that un-resourceful state. It’s amazing how a simple prayer like “Lord I don’t know what to do help me and please order my steps” can turn everything around in your favour.
It is okay to be confused, but don’t stay confused. Do something about it.

Stay Blessed.
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