Sunday, 19 February 2017


For the first time since December 2016, I started working out again this past week. I struggled to complete a 3 mile run in almost an hour a feat that I could achieve in 30 mins or less a couple of months ago. I paused severally to catch my breath during both the first and second mile and by the third mile, I was ready to collapse lol.

Now if you are as athletic as I am, you will know that it is very embarrassing to acknowledge the things I just said but this was the situation I found myself in last week. The first few days after commencing work out again were filled with so much pain as every single muscle and fiber in my body was complaining. The pain was a lot. However, I decided to keep at it despite the pain.

I stayed away for only 2 months and was this much out of shape, I can only imagine what is going on with people who have never set foot in a gym before…(I didn’t mention any names oh!!!).

After some build up activities, I attempted the 3 mile run again and this time I did 4 miles in 47 mins. A very long way off from my usual time and distance in full fitness mode, but a massive improvement from where I was just a week ago and boy it felt good.

I began to think about it; the same thing applies to our spiritual life. If we stay away from God and do not exercise our faith, we stray away from Him and lose form. It will then take us a longer time to achieve feats that were common place with us before and you will struggle to study your bible and pray for a while when you eventually decide to get back on track.

How fit are you spiritually?
How much time do you spend studying the word?
How much time do you spend in prayer?
How much time do you spend meditating?
Are you growing your spiritual muscles at all?

If you are indeed a child of God, it is very important that you spend some time developing your spiritual strength as you don’t want to be caught out of shape at any point in time. And I can assure you that the devil has lined up several strategies and activities to keep you out of shape and away from the gym. The responsibility is yours to either give in or keep at your workout regimen.

If you have been out of it for a while, there is no better time to return than now. Do it now and damn the consequences. Your sleep pattern may be impacted, you may need to reduce the amount of time spent in front of the tv or on the internet chatting & browsing, just do it. Whatever the cost, ensure that your spiritual muscles are being developed ALWAYS. 

It might be a bit difficult and a struggle initially, but I encourage you to keep at it, it only gets better with time.

Whatever you do, always ensure that you stay spiritually fit.

God Bless you.
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