Thursday, 6 October 2016


Earlier today I was reading a post on social media and a woman was sharing how she was taking a ride with her children and she decided to listen to a sermon. And at the end of the sermon, her daughter decided to give her life to Christ. After the girl had given her life to Christ, she turned to her younger brother and ask him; ‘I have given my life to Christ, what are you giving to Jesus?’
The lady was struck by the question and it really got her thinking as it did me. What am I giving Jesus? I took out some time to answer that question for myself and my thoughts around it were quite informative and instructive.

What are you giving Jesus?
Some people are giving Jesus 1hr 30mins on Sundays and 1hr on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday depending on which day of the week your local assembly meets and service dares not exceed that 2hr mark.

Some people give Jesus 30secs when they wake up, 5secs before a meal and 3secs just before they go to bed.
Some people are giving Jesus a shopping list in the form of prayer points with conditions and timelines for delivery as if they are the boss to my Lord.

Some others are giving Him their wish list hoping that someone will miraculously “dash” them one or all the items on their wish list when they have not paid any attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.
Some claim to have given their lives to Chris but in the actual sense, there is a sharing formula involved. On some days Christ has their lives and some other days they take it back from Him.

So I pose the question to you, if you claim to have given your life to Christ, what exactly did you give Him? Did you give Him all of your life or some of it?

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